Madeleine McQueen - Fresh (Live At Wicked Squid) Rochester, NY

Madeleine McQueen, a 23-year-old songwriter from Rochester, NY, has something to say, and you should be listening. With musical influences ranging from Nirvana to Amy Winehouse and Joni Mitchell, McQueen’s voice cuts through her songs with conviction, soul, and grace—a rare cocktail for a young songwriter.

Her lyrics betray her age (much like her peers Julien Baker and Courtney Barnett) as she weaves poetic lines and stories that feel familiar but also stand apart. If authenticity is a standard in songwriting, McQueen is setting the bar, and doing it on her own terms.

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"Desert Flower comes from her new EP, "Wildfire" with brutal honesty and a raw, quiet pandemonium, like a dream you dream over and over"
Phil, ohestee



1. Come Up Clean

2. Guide me Steady

3. Earth

4. Desert Flower

5. Wildfire

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