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ROC City Newspaper: CHOICE CONCERTS POP | Madeleine McQueen

"Okay ... where did this chick come from? Where did that voice come from? Madeleine McQueen projects spiritually and soulfully with a beguiling innocence and resolve over a bed of pop-rock splendor and sparkle. But it's far from fluffy; the songs are beautifully crafted and delivered. Proof: McQueen and her band, The Breeze, have recently dropped "Entangled," a pop-rock gem that moves from a whisper to a scream dynamically covering all points in between ... and of course there's that voice. Gave me goose bumps, man; goose bumps. Read more

BuffaBlog: Madeleine McQueen and the Breeze Release Impressive EP

"With nearly every city having a crowded folk scene, it takes a truly special talent to stand out; and that’s why we take the time to bring you, Rochester’s Madeleine McQueen and the Breeze. At the tail end of 2016, when the music blogosphere was busy compiling their top lists of 2015,  McQueen quietly released  her EP titled Entangled. While the sharp songwriting and mesmerizing vocals of her earlier release seem to continue to have grown, it’s the addition of the grand layered arrangements that help it stand out from the work of other local singer-songwriters." Read more

PlaylistPlay Artist Stories: Madeleine McQueen

"My parents never forced music on me when I was growing up. I had my little MP3 filled with pop tunes. I was very against “old people music” when I was a kid; this, to me, was John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Jack Johnson. My vein was more Nelly Furtado, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera." Read more



Madeleine McQueen cuts through her own tunes with a soulful, powerful voice; weaving poetic lyrics with unique melodies that envelope each song she pens. Her musical influences range from Nirvana and Florence Welch to Amy Winehouse and Joni Mitchell. Her lyrics run deeper than her age and her voice sits on the fringe of familiarity, yet she can’t be pinned down as a sound alike, rather she rises with authenticity.

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